Train strikes

Unfortunately there has been announced a train strike from Thursday, June 28nd  22:00 until Saturday, June 30th 22:00.

To find out more, we recommend that you regularly consult the route planner or the app, the day before your departure time. There will be an alternative (minimal) train service. The specific schedule of these trains will be announced on Wednesday 27 nd at 22:00 and will be available on the website of NMBS, our national train company ( website NMBS) . For information on international train traffic, please visit the SNCB International website

If your train is canceled and the alternative train schedule does do not provide an acceptable solution, the only alternative is to take a taxi or rent a car at the airport.  If you could share a cab with your colleagues this would reduce the cost of course. If you would book a taxi upfront we would recommend

We hope you will be able to get to Ghent with not too much inconveniences.


Poster presentations

Posters are on display in the Thagaste hallway during the whole conference. The poster presentations will be on Monday 11:30-12:30. A list of the posters can be downloaded here.

The maximum poster size is DIN A0 ( length 841 mm x height 1189 mm). The posters are attached to the provided boards by a clipping mechanism, an example can be seen here (you cannot use any pins or tape).


Thagaste hallway

Optional Visits

During the lunch break on Sunday, July 1st,  you will have the choice between 2 visits.

The first option is a visit  to the Nuclear Medicine Department and the Small Animal Imaging Lab INFINITY of Ghent University hospital. The bus will leave at 12:10 at the conference location and return at approx. 13:45. The visit is limited to max. 50 people.

Alternatively, you can follow a guided tour to  the Thagaste Monastery (conference site, ). During the tour you will visit the old library and learn about history of the Monastery. There will be two groups of 25 people at 12:45 and 13:15. The tour will take around 30 minutes.

At the registration desk we will ask which visit you would like to join!